I Heart Music: Throwback Thursday 1996

Ahhh 1996. I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was in the third grade and had just moved to Oakland from San Diego and had never heard these sounds before.  Since youtube wasn’t in existence yet,  I was addicted to music video channels like The Box,  MTV video channels CMC (Bay Area 90s kids know all about CMC!).  For the music edition of Throwback Thursday these innovate songs made in 1996 take me back to when I was that kid with brand new eyes!

Burnin rubber, whats upper?  I was so confused by Bay lingo as a kid lol. But the music I always loved.

Classic Aaliyah video and this Missy and Timbland beat will forever slap.  Will always love their steez.

D’Angelo came onto the scene with this jam.  This is still so smooth to me.

Here I am flossin, diggin your steelo! I swear I’m bringing back these 90s terms like ‘steelo’, ‘saucy’, ‘bootsy’

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