Test Photoshoot with Look Agency Model Frances

I recently had the opportunity to work on a test photoshoot with model Frances with Look Model Agency!  I worked with awesome Look Artist photographer Arturo Oliva Pedroza at http://www.arturoolivapedroza.com,  the fab and subdued hair + makeup looks were done by Look Artist Keke Vasquez at http://www.kekevasquez.com.  My styling direction was Summer in the sixties, Nineties style, San Francisco fun.  I love the lighting of the house we used in Bayview. The makeup and hair looks gave the clothes the perfect edge to the looks.


Frances wears a vintage blush colored silk button up for her headshot.


Frances shows off her turquoise skater style skirted dress with sheer sleeveless top. I love the lighting and coral lip Keke used on her here.


Frances wearing a vintage Mossimo floral silk dress.


Frances cooling out in Forever 21 sunflower crop top, vintage seersucker overalls, and Forever 21 elephant print leggings.

Photography done by Look Artist Arturo at http://www.arturoolivapedroza.com

Hair + Makeup by Look Artist Keke at http://www.kekevasquez.com

Model Frances with Look Model Agency http://www.lookmodelagency.com


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